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Genuine BMC Austin Freeway / Wolsley 24/80 mark 1 factory Workshop Service Repair Manual

$25 Pick up pay cash or post for $14 pay direct deposit
Genuine BMC factory workshop manual for Austin Freeway & Wolseley 24/80 Mark 1 cover repaired, a few finger marks o/w ok condition no missing pages.
Photos: 1
Location: Sefton NSW
Last updated: Tue, 22nd Oct 2019
For Sale

Thoroughbred & Classic Car magazines

Make an offer
Thoroughbred & Classic Car magazines from first issue in October 1973 (originally Classic Car magazine) to September 1982. Over 100 magazines in excellent condition with covers....
Photos: 1
Location: Gold Coast QLD
Last updated: Mon, 14th Oct 2019
For Sale

Wolseley Cars Vintage to Modern

$9 Posty for $3 pay direct deposit or paypal
Cute little booklet on Wolseleys vintage to modern 100s of cars pictured colour & b/w photos 30 pages good condition Autoreview UK a lot of...
Photos: 1
Location: Sefton NSW
Last updated: Tue, 1st Oct 2019
For Sale

Motor & sump & parts

Motor & sump. Crack tested. All good condition. Other parts also available. SU carbs. Air filter. Needs to go. Pick up only.
Photos: 5
Location: Adelaide SA
Last updated: Wed, 25th Sep 2019

Wolseley 6/80 Tie Bar Rubbers WANTED

Wolselely 6/80 or Morris Isis Tie Bar Rubbers Wanted.
Photos: None
Location: Bathurst NSW
Last updated: Mon, 9th Sep 2019
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For Sale

Wilmot Breeden keys cut from key number

$15 Australian postage included in price ; add AUD 3.00 for overseas
Wilmot Breeden car key cutting service I can supply replacement keys for your English car, cut from the key number....
Photos: 1
Location: Melbourne VIC
Last updated: Sat, 13th Jul 2019
For Sale

SHELL Automotive Lubricants handbook from 1958

$10 $7 posted anywhere in Australia - Overseas, please check.
This is an Australian SHELL guidebook for the correct oils and lubricants for every model of vehicle available in 1958. Includes, engine, gearbox and differential. A very unique...
Photos: 2
Location: Penrith NSW
Last updated: Thu, 11th Jul 2019
For Sale

Commemorative Name Badge Plaque

$65 Price includes postage within Australia
This new initiative that is sure to enhance you experience of owning, or once owning, a BMC/Leyland vehicle. What we have is a badge (supplied by...
Photos: 5
Location: Forestville, Sydney NSW
Last updated: Tue, 18th Jun 2019
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For Sale

Leyland Cars in Australia: A Chronicle

$55 $17.50 parcel post within Australia
This new book tells the story of The British Motor Corporation, Leyland Australia, and Jaguar Rover Australia from its inception in the 1950's to its demise...
Photos: 3
Location: Forestville, Sydney NSW
Last updated: Tue, 18th Jun 2019
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